Girls high school basketball rankings: No. 21 Valley Vista returns to OFFICIAL Top 25 after Arizona reverses course on season - OFFICIAL
Girls high school basketball rankings: No. 21 Valley Vista returns to MaxPreps Top 25 after Arizona reverses course on season
There has never been a season like this one — and hopefully there never will be again.

Though some teams have been able to play a nearly full schedule, others have yet to start, and many key games have been canceled. The result? The Top 25, which always contains a fair amount of guesswork, is even more chancy than in the past. As always, we are sure the 25 we've listed are very good teams, and they deserve full respect for their achievements, but it must be noted that a lot of teams that might have been on this list aren't likely to play.

In fact, No. 24 Chiawana may drop out next week if Washington cancels its season, and California's governing body meets Jan. 25 to determine if the Golden State's teams will even be allowed to play in the spring. And yet, at the same time, No. 21 Valley Vista returned the rankings after the state of Arizona reversed course and allowed the basketball season to be played.

So who knows what's next? We don't, that's for sure, but all credit to the coaches, players and staff who've made it this far, whether they're in the Top 25 or not.

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MaxPreps Top 25 Girls High School Basketball Rankings

Record: 11-0 | Last week: 1
A key game against powerful Plant scheduled for Saturday has been canceled. The Highlanders have played one game in 2021. It's hoped the Jan. 29 matchup with Colonial will mark the No. 1 team's return to action.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 2
Several Washington Catholic Athletic Conference teams have canceled their seasons, but the Mustanges are set to begin play Feb. 3 against Elizabeth Seton.

Record: 11-0 | Last week: 3
A big win Monday over strong Forest Park cements Lions' No. 3 ranking. Next up is a rematch Jan. 26 with a solid Langston Hughes team.

Record: 1-0 | Last week: 4
One of the most talented teams in the country, the Royals have begun league play. There may not be many tests the rest of the way, but at least Hopkins is playing again.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 5
The Pioneers are set to begin play Jan. 27.

Record: 15-0 | Last week: 6
The Cougars finish the regular season with four games against teams it handled easily the first time around.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 7
Though the Cadets have been playing as a club team, none of the results are official. It's anticipated St. John's will be able to play as a high school in the near future.

Record: 12-0 | Last week: 8
The Red Knights beat Westminster Christian by four the first time around, so Friday's rematch could be a serious test.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 9
The Lancers get in the mix Jan. 21 against Raritan, but right now, the schedule calls for only 11 games.

Record: 19-0 | Last week: 10
The Cougars rolled over previously unbeaten Jersey Village 92-31 but Memorial and Cypress Ridge could be more of a challenge. Or not.

Record: 7-0 | Last week: 11
Oklahoma is loaded this year, but so far the Tigers look to the best. But Sooner State fans are already circling Feb. 11, when Classen SAS comes to Norman.

Record: 15-0 | Last week: NR
With wins over Wayne and Reynoldsburg — among others — the Wildcats jump into the Top 25 as Ohio's best. But Pickerington Central is the Jan. 20 opponent, so there's not much margin for error.

Record: 11-0 | Last week: 13
The Redskins play in a local tournament this weekend, and then draws 10-4 Bixby on Tuesday.

Record: 13-1 | Last week: 14
The Eagles get a serious test against 16-1 Plant on Friday, but there are only two more regular season games after that.

Record: 21-0 | Last week: 16
Hoover's game with perennial Georgia power St. Francis was canceled, but with 22-1 Hazel Green on the schedule Saturday, the Buccaneers have another chance to show just how good they are.

Record: 10-0 | Last week: 18
The Tigers have been on a break, but jump right in against 8-1 Father Ryan next Tuesday.

Record: 4-2 | Last week: 17
Next up for talented New Hope is Paul VI on Jan. 28, but it's possible coach Sam Caldwell will find some willing opponents before then.

Record: 12-0 | Last week: 20
The Silverwolves jump two spots, but 10-1 Syracuse, Friday's opponent, will show whether they deserved the bump.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 19
The Argonauts begin the season Feb. 2

Record: 14-1| Last week: 21
The Eagles' ranking is a reflection of a very talented roster, but to keep it, a Saturday win over No. 23 Duncanville, at home, is mandatory.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: NR
Despite mounting COVID cases, Arizona's high school association reversed its decision to cancel winter sports — which means the Monsoon not only jump back into the rankings, but will play three games in the next week.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 22
The Vikings plan to begin Jan. 29, and will face an "early" test Feb. 2 vs. Neumann-Goretti.

Record: 19-1 | Last week: 23
The Panthers have already lost to DeSoto once, and now must try to deal with DeSoto's height and talent on the road.

Record: 0-0 | Last week: 24
Even if the Riverhawks are given permission to play, star Talia Von Oelhoffen graduated early so she could start playing at Oregon State — which will make it very hard for Chiawana to hang on to this spot even if Washington allows basketball.

Record: 10-0 | Last week: 25
The talented Wildcats have a fairly easy week ahead, though it's always tough to play three games in that span of time, as Mississippi's best must do.

Dropped out: No. 12 Reynoldsburg (Ohio), No. 15 Sidwell Friends (Washington D.C.) season canceled.
OFFICIAL/AVCA Players of the Week - OFFICIAL
MaxPreps/AVCA Players of the Week
MaxPreps/AVCA High School Players of the Week
For the week of Sept. 28- Oct. 4

Tatum Beech, Spanish Fort
5-foot-7 | Senior | S
22 sets played last week
Assists: 210
Assists/Game: 9.54
Team Hitting%: 0.261
Digs: 43
Digs/Game: 1.96
Aces: 10
Blocks: 5

Senior | OH
10 sets played
Kills: 58
Kills/Game: 5.8
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 2.1
Receptions: 28
Rcpt/Game: 2.8
Aces: 3
Blocks: 3

Lexie Dale, Southside (Batesville)
Junior | OH
6 sets played
Assists: 67
Assists/Game: 11.17
Team Hitting%: 0.435
Digs: 10
Digs/Game: 1.67
Aces: 4
Blocks: 2

Audrey Koenig, Bishop McLaughlin Catholic (Spring Hill)
6-3 | Senior | OH/RS
14 sets played

Kills: 93
Kills/Game: 6.64
Digs: 41
Digs/Game: 2.93
Receptions: 80
Rcpt/Game: 5.71
Aces: 5
Blocks: 6


5-11 | Senior | OH/MB
10 sets played
Kills: 54
Kills/Game: 5.4
Digs: 46
Digs/Game: 4.6
Receptions: 32
Rcpt/Game: 3.2
Aces: 7
Blocks: 2


Gabby Hicks, Sandpoint
5-10 | Senior | OH
6 sets played
Kills: 24
Kills/Game: 4
Digs: 20
Digs/Game: 3.3
Receptions: 27
Rcpt/Game: 4.5
Aces: 4
Blocks: 1


6-1 | Junior | OH
20 sets played
Kills: 116
Kills/Game: 5.8
Digs: 58
Digs/Game: 2.9
Receptions: 50
Rcpt/Game: 2.5
Aces: 15
Blocks: 25


6-1 | Senior | OH
16 sets played
Kills: 116
Kills/Game: 7.25
Digs: 53
Digs/Game: 3.31
Receptions: 87
Rcpt/Game: 5.44
Aces: 11
Blocks: 4


Senior | S
15 sets played
Assists: 165
Assists/Game: 11
Team Hitting%: 0.188
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 1.867
Aces: 13

5-8 | Junior | S
14 sets played
Assists: 133
Assists/Game: 9.5
Team Hitting%: 0.234
Digs: 51
Digs/Game: 3.64
Aces: 3
Blocks: 5

5-11 | Senior | S
12 sets played
Assists: 133
Assists/Game: 11.08
Team Hitting%: 0.380
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 1.75
Aces: 8

Senior | S
19 sets played
Assists: 144
Assists/Game: 7.58
Team Hitting%: 0.238
Digs: 22
Digs/Game: 1.16
Aces: 16
Blocks: 5

5-9 | Senior | MB
12 sets played
Kills: 87
Kills/Game: 7.25
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 2.33
Receptions: 78
Rcpt/Game: 6.5
Aces: 3
Blocks: 5

5-8 | Senior | S
3 sets played
Assists: 28
Assists/Game: 9.33
Team Hitting%: 0.265
Digs: 9
Digs/Game: 3

5-10 | Senior
13 sets played
Kills: 79
Kills/Game: 6.08
Digs: 68
Digs/Game: 5.23
Receptions: 19
Rcpt/Game: 1.46
Blocks: 12

New Hampshire

5-10 | Freshman | OH/MH
7 sets played
Kills: 24
Kills/Game: 3.43
Digs: 18
Digs/Game: 2.57
Receptions: 24
Rcpt/Game: 3.43
Aces: 4
Blocks: 1

North Carolina

Senior | OPP
7 sets played
Kills: 53
Kills/Game: 7.57
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 3
Receptions: 16
Rcpt/Game: 2.29
Aces: 5
Blocks: 1

North Dakota
Freshman | OH/MH
3 sets played
Kills: 13
Kills/Game: 4.33
Digs: 16
Digs/Game: 5.33
Receptions: 12
Rcpt/Game: 4
Blocks: 1


Emily Baker, Troy Christian (Troy)
5-11 | Junior | OH/RS
17 sets played
Kills: 102
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 41
Digs/Game: 2.41
Receptions: 30
Rcpt/Game: 1.76
Aces: 10
Blocks: 3

6-3 | Junior
6 sets played
Kills: 25
Kills/Game: 4.17
Digs: 23
Digs/Game: 3.83
Receptions: 7
Rcpt/Game: 1.17
Aces: 6
Blocks: 6

5-7 | Senior | OH
11 sets played
Kills: 55
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 2.54
Receptions: 48
Rcpt/Game: 4.36
Aces: 3
Blocks: 5

South Carolina
Emmy Rollins, West Florence (Florence)
6-0 | Senior | OH/MH/DS
10 sets played
Kills: 62
Kills/Game: 6.2
Digs: 26
Digs/Game: 2.6
Receptions: 33
Rcpt/Game: 3.3
Aces: 4
Blocks: 6

South Dakota
Adisyn Indahl, Burke
5-6 | Sophomore | OH
9 sets played
Kills: 38
Kills/Game: 4.2
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 3.1
Receptions: 29
Rcpt/Game: 3.22
Aces: 7

Jordan Moore, Munford
12 sets played
Kills: 53
Kills/Game: 4.42
Digs: 32
Digs/Game: 2.67
Receptions: 41
Rcpt/Game: 3.42
Aces: 5
Blocks: 17

6-0 | Junior | OH/DS
9 sets played
Kills: 54
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 4.67
Receptions: 55
Rcpt/Game: 6.11
Aces: 7
Blocks: 5

Lauren Jardine, Lone Peak (Highland)
Senior | OH
8 sets played
Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 5.75
Digs: 29
Digs/Game: 3.63
Receptions: 39
Rcpt/Game: 4.88
Aces: 3
Blocks: 4

West Virginia
Rachel Simon, Wheeling Park (Wheeling)
5-10 | Senior | MH/DS/OH
18 sets played
Kills: 55
Kills/Game: 3.06
Digs: 68
Digs/Game: 3.78
Receptions: 73
Rcpt/Game: 4.06
Aces: 3
Blocks: 33

Brooke Mosher, Waterloo
6-0 | Senior | S/OH
15 sets played
Kills: 87
Kills/Game: 5.8
Digs: 47
Digs/Game: 3.13
Receptions: 15
Rcpt/Game: 1
Aces: 11
Blocks: 10

Sophomore | OH
9 sets played
Kills: 25
Kills/Game: 2.78
Digs: 59
Digs/Game: 6.56
Receptions: 46
Rcpt/Game: 5.11
Aces: 2
Blocks: 3

About the MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program
The MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program is a partnership between the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and CBS MaxPreps, Inc. Each week MaxPreps and the AVCA recognize deserving student-athletes at the high school level who have demonstrated outstanding play on the court throughout the week of competition. Coaches must submit statistics to in order for their athletes to be considered for the program. To obtain your free access code to call (800) 329-7324 x1 or email [email protected] For more information on AVCA, check out the AVCA website at
Rahsool Diggins named 2020-21 OFFICIAL Pennsylvania High School Basketball Player of the Year - OFFICIAL
Rahsool Diggins named 2020-21 MaxPreps Pennsylvania High School Basketball Player of the Year
Each year since 2006, MaxPreps has recognized outstanding performers in high school basketball. America's source for high school sports continues the tradition to close out the 2020-21 season by naming the top player in each state. Selections are based on team success and individual excellence, in addition to local and state accolades.

Rahsool Diggins of Archbishop Wood (Warminster) is the 2020-21 MaxPreps Pennsylvania High School Basketball Player of the Year. The 6-foot-3 senior guard helped the Vikings go 19-1 en route to the Class 6A state title game.

Diggins averaged 18.6 points, 6.5 assists and 3.5 steals per contest, becoming the program's all-time leading scorer in the process with over 1,400 points. He capped his career with a game-high 26 points in a heartbreaking state championship game loss to Reading.

Regarded as the No. 46 prospect in the Class of 2021 by 247Sports, Diggins committed to Connecticut over offers from Florida, Kansas, Miami, Seton Hall, Villanova and Virginia Tech among others.

Each state's MaxPreps Player of the Year will be considered for inclusion in the MaxPreps All-America Team, which is scheduled to be released April 13.
Rahsool Diggins will play for head coach Dan Hurley at Connecticut next season.
Photo by Robert Barnes
Rahsool Diggins will play for head coach Dan Hurley at Connecticut next season.
High school baseball: Top 10 MLB Draft prospects - OFFICIAL
High school baseball: Top 10 MLB Draft prospects
The Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft has been a June fixture for 55 years, since it was first held in 1965. However due to COVID-19, Major League Baseball has moved the three-day selection process to July 11, 12 and 13. The high school baseball season is expected to last, in some states, until the third or fourth week of June.

MaxPreps has identified the Top 10 members of the Class of 2021 who figure to be chosen on the draft's first day. Based on mock drafts and rankings by recruiting services like Prep Baseball Report and Perfect Game, the Class of 2021 is particularly strong at shortstop with three expected to go among the top three high school players chosen. At least three pitchers are also among the top 10, however a high school player is not expected to be chosen with the No. 1 overall pick.
Marcelo Mayer, Eastlake
File photo by Steven Silva
Marcelo Mayer, Eastlake
Top 10 high school MLB Draft prospects for 2021

Jordan Lawler, Dallas Jesuit (Dallas), SS
All signs point to Lawler, a five-tool shortstop, as the first high school player chosen in the draft. Along with the potential to develop into a 15-20 home runs a year slugger, Lawler also has tremendous speed and the ability to stick as a shortstop at the professional level. After a fast start to the 2021 season, Lawler has slowed to a .303 batting average with 13 runs, six RBI and five doubles.

Marcelo Mayer, Eastlake (Chula Vista, Calif.), SS
Like Lawler, Mayer is seen as a player who has a chance to stick at shortstop in the Bigs. Scouts regard Mayer as the best pure hitter in the draft, however, he's also a superior defensive player. The combination of hitting and fielding could push Mayer ahead of Lawler in the draft.

Kahlil Watson, Wake Forest (N.C.), SS
Yet another high school shortstop who has the defensive skills necessary to continue playing the position at the next level, Watson came on strong during the summer. Watson batted just .235 during a five-game season last year, but as a sophomore he hit .578 with 12 doubles and six home runs. Watson is likely to go somewhere in the middle of the first round and could be the fourth or fifth high school player selected.

Harry Ford, North Cobb (Kennesaw, Ga.), C
The highest-rated high school catcher, there are mixed results on whether Ford will go in the first round or not. However, no other high school catcher has been tabbed to go ahead of Ford. He's one of the quickest and most athletic high school catchers in the draft, which leads to the possibility that Ford could move to the field at some point. He's noted for his bat speed and he already has three home runs and two triples in 2021 while batting .290 with 14 RBI in 11 games.

Brady House, Winder-Barrow (Winder, Ga.), 3B
A shortstop for much of his high school career, House likely will end up at third base. He has one of the top bats in the draft. He's shown that early in the season for the Bulldogs, batting .542 with 17 runs scored, three doubles and three home runs.

Ben Montgomery, Red Land (Lewisberry, Pa.), OF
Montgomery could be the top high school outfielder in the draft thanks to a strong arm and ability to hit for power. He hasn't seen any action against high school competition since the 2019 season. Scouts see Montgomery going toward the end of the first round of the draft.

Chase Petty, Mainland Regional (Linwood, N.J.), P
Perry caught everyone's attention when he hit 100 mph over the summer. A possible end-of-first-round pick, Petty also reportedly has an above average slider. Low projection could sour some teams allowing Petty to drop out of the first round.

Jackson Jobe, Heritage Hall (Oklahoma City, Okla.), P
A hitting and fielding prospect prior the 2020 summer season, Jobe has developed into one of the top pitching prospects in the draft. With a fastball that hits 96 mph, Jobe also has a deadly curve. He had eight strikeouts in his first four innings pitched this season.

Andrew Painter, Calvary Christian Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), P
Painter could be the first high school pitcher taken in the draft and he's expected to be the third or fourth overall high school player selected. At 6-foot-7, he's got the mid-90s fastball, but he is also adept at three other pitches. He has 27 strikeouts in 11 innings pitched this season.

James Woods, IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.), OF
Teams looking for powerhitting outfielders will likely look long and hard at Woods. Along with Montgomery, he's among the top prep outfielders in the draft. He has two home runs this season in IMG's 10 games. He could go toward the end of the first round.
High school softball: Salpointe Catholic, Neshoba Central win state titles, rise in this week's OFFICIAL Top 25 - OFFICIAL
High school softball: Salpointe Catholic, Neshoba Central win state titles, rise in this week's MaxPreps Top 25
Leander (Texas) lost for the first time this season, 1-0 in second game of a 5A playoffs series with Medina Valley. In the finale, the Lions scored five in the fourth inning to advance and remain No. 1 in this week's MaxPreps Top 25 high school softball rankings.

Leander plays Carroll (Corpus Christi, Texas) starting Thursday. The Tigers are 30-5 and are led by Rhea Ann Avalos. The Texas Wesleyan University commit has hit 18 home runs.

In Florida, the winner of the 7A bracket has a legit case to be the top-ranked team in the country. The Final Four consists of third-ranked Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, Fla.), 24-4 Palmetto (Miami) and a semifinal game that features teams with a combined 53-0 mark.

No. 4 Park Vista (Lake Worth, Fla.) and eight-ranked University (Orange City, Fla.) play Friday with a chance to advance to the state finals. The winner will get either Lakewood Ranch or Palmetto.

No. 9 Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.) captured a MHSAA Class 5A championship, the eight-straight title for the Rockets. The two-game sweep of East Central also extended their 48-game win streak.

Salpointe Catholic (Tucson, Ariz.) won the 4A championship Monday. The 15th-ranked Lancers beat Vista Grande 5-4 in the title game. Alyssa Aguilar tossed a complete-game win and hit a home run as the top squad from Arizona went 24-0.
Salpointe Catholic celebrates its 4A title.
Photo by Steven Davis
Salpointe Catholic celebrates its 4A title.
MaxPreps Top 25 high school softball rankings

1. Leander (Texas)
34-1 | Last week: 1
Angelo State commit Lauren Tetreault allowed no runs on five hits in the decisive playoff game against Medina Valley.

2. Barbers Hill (Mt. Belvieu, Texas)
34-2 | Last week: 2
The Eagles open 5A Regional 1&3 semifinal action Wednesday against Waller.

3. Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, Fla.)
28-2 | Last week: 3
Jillian Herbst had two home runs, two doubles and six RBI Tuesday against Newsome.

4. Park Vista (Lake Worth, Fla.)
28-0 | Last week: 4
Two underclassmen, sophomore Chloe Fariello and freshman Nicole Mergen, were dominant in the circle against Treasure Coast.

5. Norco (Calif.)
19-1 | Last week: 6
The Cougars have a three-game series with King this week.

6. Hewitt-Trussville (Trussville, Ala.)
45-2-1 | Last week: 7
A very tough 7A bracket is all set in Alabama. The Huskies open Thursday against Baker.

7. Lake Creek (Montgomery, Texas)
37-0 | Last week: 9
Sophomore Kalee Rochinski was named Player of the Game after smashing a home run and driving in three runs during the Regional Quarterfinals.

8. University (Orange City, Fla.)
25-0 | Last week: 10
Madde Jorczak had two hits and an RBI against Lake Brantley on Friday.

9. Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.)
31-0 | Last week: 10
 Mississippi 5A champions. Season over.

10. Spring-Ford (Royersford, Pa.)
15-0 | Last week: 12
The Rams have scored 149 runs so far this season.

11. Doral Academy (Doral, Fla.)
27-2 | Last week: 13
Alyssa Zabala went the distance, striking out eight as the Firebirds beat a very good Cooper City team to advance.

12. Judson (Converse, Texas)
30-1 | Last week: 14
Keely Williams had three hits and Destiny Ortega-Rodriguez drove in three to lift the Rockets over Round Rock.

13. Williamsburg (Ohio)
25-0 | Last week: 16
Pitcher Madi Ogden has now struck out over 300 batters this season.

14. Barbe (Lake Charles, La.)
31-2 | Last week: 17
Louisiana 5A state champion. Season over.

15. Salpointe Catholic (Tucson, Ariz.)
23-0 | Last week: 18
Kimmy McDaniels had a pair of hits in state title victory.

16. Bob Jones (Madison, Ala.)
31-3 | Last week: 12
The Patriots open 7A state title play against 40-7 Thompson in a prime time matchup.

17. Saint Francis (Mountain View, Calif.)
17-0 | Last week: 20
Bi Dipepr and Ella Mil each had three hits on Friday to help beat Presentation, 10-0.

18. Villa Park (Calif.)
17-1 | Last week: 21
Four regular season games remain for the Spartans.

19. Westlake (Westlake Village, Calif.)
13-1 | Last week: 25
Junior Emily Jones had four hits Monday in a 10-0 win.

20. Lake Central (St. John, Ind.)
23-1 | Last week: 24
Amanda Aardema hit a walk-off double as the Indians beat Marist 2-1 in a battle of national powers.

21. Marist (Chicago)
23-1 | Last week: 5
The RedHawks fell for the first time this season 2-1 to No. 20 Lake Central.

22. South Gibson (Medina, Tenn.)
32-2 | Last week: 22
Emmi Whittemore, Erica Carpenter and Olivia Pickard have all pitched over 50 innings this season with a combined 1.47 ERA.

23. Mahopac (N.Y.)
9-0 | Last week: 28
Shannon Becker has not allowed a run in nine games in the circle. She has also struck out 167 batters.

24. Clear Springs (League City, Texas)
28-0 | Last week: 30
Junior Emma Strood is 19-0 as a pitcher. She also has hit six home runs.

25. Xavier College Prep (Phoenix)
19-2 | Last week: NR
Riley Flynn struck out and nine and Macy Lee had seven RBI as the Gators won the 6A title.

Next five: Baylor (Chattanooga, Tenn.), Mater Dei Catholic (Chula Vista, Calif.), Crown Point (Ind.), Rocklin (Calif.), Clovis North (Fresno, Calif.)