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High school sports amid the pandemic: 10 things that look different this fall - OFFICIAL
High school sports amid the pandemic: 10 things that look different this fall
American Fork (Utah) athletic director Jeremy Lewis was thrilled that high school sports were back, but he had an obligation to make sure all new protocols were followed. So, in the middle of the first half of his football team's varsity game with Timpview (Provo) last week, he halted play, got on a loudspeaker and told the estimated 1,000 fans in the stands to wear masks, get back to their assigned seats and practice general social distancing guidelines laid out by state and local officials.

Otherwise, the game wouldn't go on.

We're still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, after all.

For the most part, fans obliged immediately, the game went on a few minutes later, American Fork prevailed 31-21 to move to 2-0 and high school sports continues throughout the state of Utah and in many other parts of the country.

Heading into the final weekend of August, 16 of the 50 states have decided to wait until 2021 to partake in high school sports due to COVID-19. The other 34 have committed to play in the fall with seven already having kicked things off and 10 more scheduled to do so by Friday. All have written up new safety guidelines that have led to many new rules and new looks in and around respective playing fields.

An athletic director stopping a game is one of those new looks. Here are nine others we've seen over the past two weeks:
A Skyridge (Lehi, Utah) player is flanked by a pair of masked teammates.
Photo by Shae Goodwin
A Skyridge (Lehi, Utah) player is flanked by a pair of masked teammates.
• Masked attackers — Tall, athletic front-row players on the volleyball court can be intimidating enough. But many players are choosing to don masks — they are not required but recommended in many states — giving an even more ominous look from the other side of the net.

New handshake line — Instead of lining up on either side of the 50-yard-line to shake in football, the COVID-19 acknowledgement is to line up on the hashes, raise a helmet and shout out appropriate sentiments, whatever those may be.

Check, and double check, that schedule — The calendar is subject to change. Contests have been and likely will continue to change, many at the last moment. In Indiana last week, Center Grove (Greenwood) had its opener put in jeopardy because Warren Central (Indianapolis) was under quarantine. Center Grove quickly rescheduled, beat Decatur Central (56-14) and now plays a cleared Warren Central squad on Friday.

Buy those tickets — With limited seating capacities due social distancing measures, football games are selling out quickly. Fremont (Provo, Utah) posted on Twitter today that tickets to its home game Friday with Roy were all gone.

Friday night stream — With fan restrictions and games selling out, fans — even parents — might be confined to their home computers, laptops or phones to watch the action. Same goes for reporters, too. Standout performers might be doing some of their post-game interviews via phone. The University Interscholastic League, the governing body of public schools in Texas, recently announced it will lift a ban temporarily on live telecasts and streaming of football games to allow fans to at least watch games.

Spreading out — The tight shoulder-to-shoulder, player-on-top-of-player mob look on football sideline now looks more like a pre-game exercise line. Mandates to keep players at a distance stretches now 80 yards from the 10-yard-line to the 10. It used to be a 50-yard team box, from the 25 to the 25.

One-sided — The days of switching sides after each volleyball set is now done. Teams are required to stay on one side of the court for the entire match.

Temperature checks — Ready, aim, thermometer. Not only are players constantly asked to remove their helmets to test for fevers with new digital thermometers, but fans allowed into games in many places must go through the same testing, too.

• Air celebrations — It's difficult, almost sad, to squelch teens from celebrating any triumph on the field or court, but guidelines highly recommend they are done without physical contact. So, young athletes of today are inventing new touchless celebrations that are both inspirational and, of course, creative.

Despite all the precautions, masking and social distancing, once the players are on the field and the competition commences, it all looks and feels pretty much like it did before COVID-19.

And that's a very appealing picture.
Some volleyball players are choosing to wear masks.
Photo by Joe Calomeni
Some volleyball players are choosing to wear masks.
North Carolina high school basketball players adjusting to mask mandate - OFFICIAL
North Carolina high school basketball players adjusting to mask mandate
Issued by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Nov. 23, Executive Order No. 180 called for expanded face covering requirements. That has trickled down to high school sports, with athletes being required to wear masks during games and skill development sessions whether they are held indoor or outdoor.

The order went into effect Nov. 25 and runs through Dec. 11. According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Servies, it requires that everyone needs to wear a mask whenever they are with someone who is not from the same household. The order also adds the mask requirement to several additional settings including any public indoor space even when maintaining six feet of distance, gyms even when exercising, all schools public and private and all public or private transportation when traveling with people outside of the household.

Basketball practice is scheduled to begin Dec. 7 for NCHSAA-affiliated programs but the NCISAA tipped off last month and has already started to adapt to the new norm for the 2020-21 season in the Tar Heel State.

MaxPreps photographer Matthew Plyler was on hand Monday for a masked-up matchup between Northwood Temple Academy (Fayetteville) met Berean Baptist Academy (Fayetteville). Northwood Temple Academy won 69-68.
Brady Rankin of Northwood Temple Academy drives during Monday's games against Berea Baptist Academy.
Photo by Matthew Plyler
Brady Rankin of Northwood Temple Academy drives during Monday's games against Berea Baptist Academy.
"Kids are resilient," Charlotte Country Day head coach David Carrier told the Charlotte Observer. "Kids adjust to things like this a lot quicker than adults."

The order extends to delayed NCHSAA fall sports that got underway in November like cross country and volleyball. The state reported 5,410 new COVID-19 cases Thursday with 44 deaths.

"We are asking our coaches, student-athletes and administrators for their continued vigilance and cooperation in these measures, including making sure to properly socially distance during skill development sessions and adherence to the mask mandate," NCHSAA executive director Que Tucker told the Lake Norman Media Group. "We all must do our part."

On the girls basketball side, Faith Christian Academy (Goldsboro) and Raleigh Christian Academy (Raleigh) were among the first to take the court Tuesday under the new order. MaxPreps photographer Steven Worthy was there to capture that moment.
Faith Christian Academy takes the floor for a Tuesday game against Raleigh Christian Academy.
Photo by Steven Worthy
Faith Christian Academy takes the floor for a Tuesday game against Raleigh Christian Academy.

High school girls basketball: Longest all-time winning streaks - OFFICIAL
High school girls basketball: Longest all-time winning streaks
The past two seasons have seen the end of some of the more amazing winning streaks in girls high school basketball history. Yet, the most amazing part might be that none of them even came close to breaking the overall national record.

Central Plains (Claflin, Kan.) had its streak of 138 wins end last December while Martins Mill (Ben Wheeler, Texas) had a streak of 116 wins end last winter. Strafford (Mo.) had a streak of 123 wins end in 2019. However, none of them came within 80 wins of the all-time record of 218, set by Baskin (La.) between 1947 and 1953. Even more incredible, following the loss that ended its streak, Baskin won 71 more games. That's a mark of 289-1.

MaxPreps has put together a list of girls basketball win streaks of 50 or more games. While boys basketball has just seven streaks of 100 or more games, girls basketball has 34. The team with the longest current list is Hopkins (Minnetonka, Minn.), which stands at 74.

The list for consecutive wins includes all games, not just regular season or league wins. If there are any corrections or additions to the list, please e-mail Kevin Askeland at [email protected]

Sources for the list include the NFHS record book, website by Paul Luchter, state association websites, Cal-Hi Sports Almanac by Mark and Nelson Tennis, MaxPreps team pages and research via
Martins Mill had its 116-game win streak snapped last winter. The streak ranks 13th on the all-time list.
File photo by Kenneth Toso
Martins Mill had its 116-game win streak snapped last winter. The streak ranks 13th on the all-time list.
Top 50 girls basketball win streaks

1.   218 — Baskin (La.), 1947-53
2.   154 — Monetta (S.C.), 1933-40
2.   154 — Hanover (Mass.), 1965-75
4.   138 — Central Plains (Claflin, Kan.), 2015-2020
5.   134 — Duncanville (Texas), 1987-91
5.   134 — Taylor County (Butler, Ga.), 1968-72
7.   126 — Marked Tree (Marked Tree, Ark.), 1940s
8.   123 — Strafford (Mo.), 2016-2019
9.   122 — Lowndes (Valdosta, Ga.), 1976-81
10.  120 — Nashua North (Nashua, N.H.), 1984-89
10.  120 — Fairfield (Fairfield, Mont.), 2010-2015
12.  118 — Baxley (Ga.), 1946-48
13.  116 — Martins Mill (Ben Wheeler, Texas), 2017-20
14.  111 — Guardian Angels Central Catholic (West Point, Neb.), 2001-06
14.  111 — Roosevelt (Sioux Falls, S.D.), 1997-2001
16.  110 — Shelbyville Central (Shelbyville, Tenn.), 1988-91
17.  109 — Ayr (N.D.), 1938-43
18.  108 — West Holmes (Millersburg, Ohio), 1984-86
18.  108 — The Academy of the Holy Cross (Kensington, Md.), 1978-81
20.  107 — Williamstown (Williamstown, Vt.), 1947-56
20.  107 — Bailey (N.C.), 1957-64
20.  107 — Hoxie (Kan.), to 2016
23.  106 — MIdway (S.C.), 1952-59
23.  106 — Mountain View (Orem, Utah), 1997-2001
25.  105 — Summers County (Hinton, W. Va.), 2008-12
25.  105 — Duncanville (Texas), 2011-2014
25.  105 — Marion (S.C.), 1955-62
28.  104 — East Rutherford (NJ), 1926 to 1933
28.  104 — Seward (Neb.), 2008-12
30.  102 — Henderson Collegiate (Henderson, N.C.), to 1945
30.  102 — Marshfield (Mo.), 1987-90
32.  101 — Wakonda (SD), 1987-1991
32.  101 — Ribault (Jacksonville, Fla.), 2000-2003
34.  100 — Pillow Academy (Greenwood, Miss.), 1972-75
35.    99 — Middleton (Idaho), 2009-13
36.    98 — Byng (Ada, Okla.), 1936-39
37.    97 — China (Texas), 1942-45
38.    96 — Blackville-Hilda (Blackville, S.C.), 1985-89
38.    96 — Champlain Valley Union (Hinesburg, Vt.), 2012-16
40.    95 — Sandy Creek (Fairfield, Neb.), 1997-2000
41.    92 — Pius XI Catholic (Milwaukee), 1988-91
41.    92 — Hollywood (SC), 1947-49
43.    91 — Little River (Kan.), 1994-98
44.    90 — Charles D. Owen (Black Mountain, N.C.), 1965-69
44.    90 — Bradley Central (Cleveland, Tenn.), 1974-77
46.    87 — Chambers (Neb.), 1993-97
46.    87 — Bowman Academy (Bowman, S.C.), 1977-81
48.    86 — Van Buren (Van Buren, Ark.), 1942-46
48.    86 — Lauderdale County (Rogersville, Ala.), 2013-15
48.    86 — Reed (Sparks, Nev.), 1990-93

84 straight games
Trinity Heights (La.), to 1981
Poly (Riverside, Calif.) 1980-82
Millbrook (Winchester, Va.), 2010-13

83 straight games
Gentry (Indianola, Miss.), 2007-2008
Winnacunnet (Hampton, N.H.), to 2011

81 straight games
Cambridge (Cambridge, Neb.), 1992-96
Ben Davis (Indianapolis), 2008-11

80 straight games
Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, Calif.), 1992-94

79 straight games
Joseph (Ore.), 1983
Colton (Wash.), 2013-16

78 straight games
McClave (Colo.), 2006-009
Carney-Nadeau (Carney, Mich.), 1989-91
Fosston (Minn.), 1999-2002
Northeast Nodaway (Ravenwood, Mo.), 1976-79
Haysi (Va.), 1947 to 1951

77 straight games
Kit Carson (Kit Carson, Colo.), 2016-2019
Eldorado (Albuquerque), 1985-88
Eagle Rock (Va.), 1955-59

76 straight games
Reno (RNev.), 1980-82
Poquoson (Va.), 1975-77
Pittsford (Mich.), 2015-18
Cuba City (Wis.), 2005-08
Shanley (Fargo, N.D.), 2014-17

75 straight games
Oregon City (Ore.), to 1997
Black Hawk (South Wayne, Wis.), 2018-21
Northern (Flint, Mich.), 1978-81
South Greene (Greeneville, Tenn.), 1990-93

74 straight games
Eldorado (Albuquerque), 1983-85
Point Loma (San Diego), 1985-88
Bishop Machebeuf (Denver), 1980-83
Aldie (Va.), 1924-28
Oxbow (Bradford, Vt.), 1984-87
Hopkins (Minnetonka, Minn.), 2018-present

73 straight games
Gray-New Gloucester (Gray, Maine), 1947-50
Laurel County (London, Ky.), 1978-80
Miller (S.D.), 1990-93
Bergtraum (New York, N.Y.), 2006-09

72 straight games
Great Falls (Mont.), 1980-83
Athens (Ala.), 2001-03
St. Joseph's Academy (St. Louis), 1991-94

71 straight games
Baskin (La.), 1953-?
Northern (Flint, Mich.), 1994-96

70 straight games
Pius XI Catholic (Milwaukee), 1984-87
SouthWest Edgecombe (Pinetops, N.C.), 1981-82
Towson (Md.), 1983-85

69 straight games
Eldorado (Albuquerque), 1979-82
Yazoo County (Yazoo City, Miss.), 1998-2000
Richey (Mont.), 1999-02
Nazareth (Texas), 1983-85

68 straight games
Florien (La.), 1990-91
Milan (Tenn.), to March 1962
Deshler (Tuscumbia, Ala.), 2015-17
Sangre de Cristo (Mosca, Colo.), 1983-86
Lincoln (Warren, Mich.), 2011-13
Kingsley (Kingsley, Mich.), 1940-50

67 straight games
Jefferson (SD), 1978-80
Barneveld (Wis.), 1998-00
Leland (Mich.), 1980-82
Northwestern (Mendon, Mo.), 1954-57
Waterville (Maine), 2006-09

66 straight games
Canyon (Texas), 1977-78
St. Cecilia (Hastings, Neb.), 1977-79

65 straight games
Neptune (N.J.), to 1968
Brea Olinda (Brea, Calif.), 1993-94
Maine West (Des Plaines, Ill.), 1987-89

64 straight games
McIntosh (McIntosh, Ala.), 2006-08
Chartiers Valley (Bridgeville, Pa.), 2018-21
Panguitch (Utah), 2013-16

63 straight games
Richwoods (Peoria, Ill.), 1982-84
Bishop Ryan (Minot, N.D.), 2012-14
Bishop Miege (Shawnee Mission, Kan.), 2014-16

62 straight games
Bath (Lima, Ohio), 1972-76
Mathews (Vienna, Ohio), to 1987
T.R. Miller (Brewton, Ala.), 1994-96
Hartselle (Ala.), 1984-86
Seymour (Conn.), 1996-99
Westbrook (Conn.), 1984-86
Regina Dominican (Wilmette, Ill.), 1973-77
Durand (Wis.), 1985-87
Mendocino (Calif.), 1979-82
Point Loma (Calif.), 1983-85

61 straight games
Braintree (Mass.), 2014-16
New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva (New Richland, Minn.), 2012-14
Checotah (Okla.), 1946-48
Cuba City (Wis.), 2014-16
Gibbon (Gibbon, Neb.), 1987-90
Carson (Carson City, Nev.), 1988-90
Philomath (Ore.), 1985-87
York Catholic (York, Pa.), to 2008
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (San Francisco), 2007-08

60 straight games
Garnavillo (Iowa) to 1954
Lincoln (East St. Louis, Ill.), 1979-81
Jefferson (Conception Junction, Mo.), 1988-89
Sutherlin (Sutherlin, Ore.), 2014-16
North Hopkins (Sulphur Springs, Texas), 1959-1960 (possibly longer)

59 straight games
Kalida (Ohio), 1986-89
Orrum (N.C.), 1984-85
North Little Rock (Ark.), 2009-11

58 straight games
Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 1981-83
Deshler (Tuscumbia, Ala.), 2006-07
Powers Catholic (Flint, Mich.), 2000-02
Omaha Central (Omaha, Neb.), 1981-84
Nativity BVM (Pottsville, Pa.), 1977-79
Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, Conn.), 1995-98
Newell-Fonda (Newell, Iowa), 2018-2020

57 straight games
Elko (Nev.), 1982-84
Grand Haven (Mich.), 2011-14
Crofton (Neb.), 2013-16
Cranberry Area (Seneca, Pa.), 1994-96
Thatcher (Ariz.), 2000-02
Christ the King (Middle Village, N.Y.), 2005-06
Fort Wayne Northrop (Fort Wayne, Ind.), 1985-87
Holy Cross (Waterbury, Conn.), 2006-08

56 straight games
Nixyaawii Community (Pendleton, Ore.), 2016-18
Lourdes (Rochester, Minn.), 1989-91
North Catholic (Cranberry Township, Pa.), 1987-89
Lakeside (Seattle), 1991-92
Kamiakin (Wash.), 1999-2000
Central Valley (Spokane Valley, Wash.), 2000-01

55 straight games
Bedford North Lawrence (Bedford, Ind.), 1990-92
Lowell (Mass.), 1903-06
Lake Providence (La.), to 1962
Cheraw (Colo.), 1998-2000
Mountain View (Orem, Utah), 1995-97
Limon (Colo.), 2004-07
Annawan (Ill.), 2016-18
Kearney Catholic (Kearney, Neb.), 1984-86
Brea Olinda (Brea, Calif.), 1988-90
Chandler (Ariz.), 1981-83
Martinsville (Ind.), 1996-98

54 straight games
Celeste (Texas), 1991-92
Chicago Marshall (Chicago), to 1983
Southeast (Wichita, Kan.), 1986-88
Neillsville (Neillsville, Wis.), 2011-13
Reed Point/Rapelje (Reed Point, Mont.), 2004-06
Collins Hill (Suwanee, Ga.), 2005-07

53 straight games
Iota (La.), 2006-08
Valley (Pine Grove, W. Va.), 1953-59
Wilbur Cross (New Haven, Conn.), 1978-80
Luxemburg-Casco (Luxemburg, Wis.), 1991-93
Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, Conn.), 1998-2000
Storden-Jeffers (Minn.), 1988-90
North Branford (Conn.), 1986-88

52 straight games
Anchorage Christian (Anchorage, Alaska), 2018-2020
Lakeland (Minocqua, Wis.), 1991-93
Flambeau (Tony, Wis.), 1999-01
New Bloomfield (Mo.), 1987-88
Thomasville (N.C.), 2002-04
Pleasant Valley (Chico, Calif.), 1984-86
Riverdale (Murfreesboro, Tenn.), 2016-18
Plain Dealing Academy (La.), 1970s

51 straight games
Three Forks (Mont.), 1977-80
South Sioux City (Neb.), 1994-97
St. Francis (Humphrey, Neb.), 2005-07
Lower Richland (Hopkins, S.C.), 2008-09

50 straight games
Washington (Sioux Falls, S.D.), 1980-82
Sterling (Ill.), 1976-78
Reserve (N.M.), 1970-73
Dietrich (Idaho), 2011-13
Norland (Miami), 2008-10

2021 NFL Draft: Younger brother of projected No. 2 pick Zach Wilson expected to lead national high school football power Corner Canyon next season - OFFICIAL
2021 NFL Draft: Younger brother of projected No. 2 pick Zach Wilson expected to lead national high school football power Corner Canyon next season
Corner Canyon (Draper) has ascended to the elite of high school football programs in the state of Utah and nationally over the past few seasons. The Chargers are riding a 40-game win streak and fresh off their third consecutive state championship.

Head coach Eric Kjar has emerged as one of the best offensive minds in the country and already has a strong line of former quarterback proteges that includes 2020 MaxPreps National Player of the Year Jaxson Dart and Cole Hagen.

Before Dart and Hagen, there was Zach Wilson, projected by many to be the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Kjar became the head coach at Corner Canyon after eight years at Jordan (Sandy) and just prior to Wilson's senior season.

As a junior, Wilson threw for over 2,800 yards and 21 touchdowns as the full-time starter, but the Chargers went 6-5 and lost in the Region 7 play-in game.

The next season it clicked for Wilson, Kjar and Corner Canyon.

Wilson led the Chargers to an 11-1 record throwing for nearly 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns while adding 700-plus yards on the ground and eight scores. The only loss came in the 5A state semifinals against Skyridge (Lehi), 34-33.
Zach Wilson started for one season under head coach Eric Kjar at Corner Canyon.
Photo by Steve Carnahan
Zach Wilson started for one season under head coach Eric Kjar at Corner Canyon.
Kjar is 51-1 during his four years at Corner Canyon with three state titles.

Expectations will remain high next fall with a familiar name likely to take over under center — Isaac Wilson.

Zach Wilson's soon-to-be-sophomore younger brother played sparingly as a freshman while backing up Dart. The 5-foot-11 160-pounder completed 4 of 6 pass attempts for 27 yards.

Isaac competed at the Under Armour All-America camp series earlier this spring in Phoenix and the offers should start coming soon.

He's not the only Wilson on the roster as Micah Wilson returns at linebacker. He was named to the Utah All-State second team after racking up 133 tackles and recently committed to BYU.

The 6-foot-3 210-pound rising senior will be the third member of the Wilson family to attend BYU. 

Josh Wilson is a linebacker for the Cougars and played a huge role on defense during Corner Canyon's two state titles in 2018 and 2019. 

Expect the Chargers to be ranked in our preseason MaxPreps Top 25 later this summer. They finished No. 17 in 2019 and followed that up with a spot at No. 9 in 2020.
OFFICIAL/AVCA Players of the Week - OFFICIAL
MaxPreps/AVCA Players of the Week
MaxPreps/AVCA High School Players of the Week
For the week of Sept. 21-27

Makenna Long, Long (Skipperville)
5-foot-6 | Junior | S
7 Sets played last week

Assists: 84
Assists/Game: 12
Team Hitting%: 0.323
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 1.57
Aces: 5
Blocks: 1

6-0 | Junior | OH/MB
8 Sets played last week

Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 5.75
Digs: 32
Digs/Game: 4
Receptions: 27
Rcpt/Game: 3.38
Aces: 2
Blocks: 6

Maddie Trusty, Lakeside (Hot Springs)
5-9 | Senior | OH/S
9 Sets played last week
Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 5.11
Digs: 43
Digs/Game: 4.78
Receptions: 32
Rcpt/Game: 3.56
Aces: 7

Kylie Stroehlein, Sickles (Tampa)
5-10 | Senior | OH
21 Sets played last week

Kills: 113
Kills/Game: 5.38
Digs: 87
Digs/Game: 4.14
Receptions: 65
Rcpt/Game: 3.1
Aces: 23
Blocks: 5


Senior | MH
9 Sets played last week

Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 5.11
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 1.22
Receptions: 4
Rcpt/Game: 0.44
Aces: 4
Blocks: 2


Kaylie Kofe, Bonneville (Idaho Falls)
5-6 | Freshman | S/OH/OPP
7 Sets played last week

Assists: 62
Assists/Game: 8.86
Team Hitting%: 0.326
Digs: 14
Digs/Game: 2
Aces: 14
Blocks: 3


5-8 | Senior | OH
11 Sets played last week

Kills: 77
Kills/Game: 7
Digs: 29
Digs/Game: 2.64
Receptions: 40
Rcpt/Game: 3.64
Aces: 5
Blocks: 1


Senior | S
17 Sets played last week

Assists: 188
Assists/Game: 11.06
Team Hitting%: 0.201
Digs: 32
Digs/Game: 1.88
Aces: 11
Blocks: 2


Junior | S
17 Sets played last week
Assists: 200
Assists/Game: 11.77
Team Hitting%: 0.293
Digs: 24
Digs/Game: 1.41
Aces: 4
Blocks: 8

5-5 | Senior | S/L/DS
17 Sets played last week

Assists: 148
Assists/Game: 8.71
Team Hitting%: 0.218
Digs: 55
Digs/Game: 3.23
Aces: 5
Blocks: 4

6-1 | Senior | OH
15 Sets played last week

Kills: 104
Kills/Game: 6.93
Digs: 43
Digs/Game: 2.87
Receptions: 59
Rcpt/Game: 3.93
Aces: 14
Blocks: 1

5-9 | Senior | S
10 Sets played last week

Assists: 105
Assists/Game: 10.5
Team Hitting%: 0.367
Digs: 16
Digs/Game: 1.6
Aces: 15
Blocks: 2

5-10 | Senior | MH
9 Sets played last week

Kills: 76
Kills/Game: 8.44
Digs: 47
Digs/Game: 5.22
Receptions: 45
Rcpt/Game: 5
Aces: 5
Blocks: 10

5-10 | Junior | MH/OH
10 Sets played last week

Kills: 34
Kills/Game: 3.4
Digs: 30
Digs/Game: 3
Receptions: 24
Rcpt/Game: 2.4
Aces: 4

6-0 | Junior | OH
11 Sets played last week
Kills: 84
Kills/Game: 7.64
Digs: 62
Digs/Game: 5.64
Receptions: 53
Rcpt/Game: 4.82
Aces: 12
Blocks: 6

New Hampshire

Sophomore | MH
8 Sets played last week

Kills: 32
Kills/Game: 4
Digs: 18
Digs/Game: 2.25
Receptions: 14
Rcpt/Game: 1.75
Aces: 1
Blocks: 5

North Carolina

Junior | OH/DS/S
10 Sets played last week
Kills: 42
Kills/Game: 4.2
Digs: 26
Digs/Game: 2.6
Receptions: 47
Rcpt/Game: 4.7
Aces: 8
Blocks: 3

North Dakota
Sophomore | MH
7 Sets played last week

Kills: 20
Kills/Game: 2.86
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 0.86
Receptions: 2
Aces: 5
Blocks: 6


Taylor Baxter, Bellevue
5-11 | Senior | OH
11 Sets played last week

Kills: 73
Kills/Game: 6.64
Digs: 47
Digs/Game: 4.27
Receptions: 51
Rcpt/Game: 4.64
Aces: 5
Blocks: 4

Junior | OH
6 Sets played last week
Kills: 15
Kills/Game: 2.5
Digs: 8
Digs/Game: 1.33
Receptions: 15
Rcpt/Game: 2.5
Aces: 3

5-5 | Senior | S
12 Sets played last week

Assists: 121
Assists/Game: 10.08
Digs: 10
Digs/Game: 0.83
Aces: 3
Blocks: 6

South Carolina
Marianna Singletary, Porter-Gaud (Charleston)
6-4 | Junior | MH
16 Sets played last week

Kills: 89
Kills/Game: 5.56
Digs: 46
Digs/Game: 2.88
Receptions: 72
Rcpt/Game: 4.5
Aces: 8

South Dakota
Sydney Schell, Northwestern Area (Mellette)
5-9 | Senior | OH
16 Sets played last week

Kills: 96
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 48
Digs/Game: 3
Receptions: 63
Rcpt/Game: 3.94
Aces: 11
Blocks: 5

Jaida Clark, Siegel (Murfreesboro)
6-1 | Senior | MH
11 Sets played last week

Kills: 60
Kills/Game: 5.46
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 1
Aces: 2
Blocks: 12

6-3 | Junior | OH/OPP
8 Sets played last week

Kills: 43
Kills/Game: 5.38
Digs: 0
Digs/Game: 0
Receptions: 27
Rcpt/Game: 3.38
Blocks: 4

Hailee Garcia, Syracuse
5-9 | Junior | S
25 Sets played last week

Assists: 242
Assists/Game: 9.68
Team Hitting%: 0.189
Digs: 50
Digs/Game: 2
Aces: 16
Blocks: 14

West Virginia
Hope Weber, Paden City
5-11 | Senior | OH/S
6 Sets played last week

Kills: 35
Kills/Game: 5.83
Digs: 7
Digs/Game: 1.17
Receptions: 5
Rcpt/Game: 0.83
Aces: 3

Hanne Johnson, Grantsburg
5-11 | Junior | OH/S/RS
12 Sets played last week

Kills: 73
Kills/Game: 6.08
Digs: 52
Digs/Game: 4.33
Receptions: 75
Rcpt/Game: 6.25
Aces: 5
Blocks: 5

5-5 | Junior | S
10 Sets played last week

Assists: 88
Assists/Game: 8.8
Team Hitting%: 0.188
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 2.5
Aces: 6
Blocks: 3

About the MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program
The MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program is a partnership between the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and CBS MaxPreps, Inc. Each week MaxPreps and the AVCA recognize deserving student-athletes at the high school level who have demonstrated outstanding play on the court throughout the week of competition. Coaches must submit statistics to in order for their athletes to be considered for the program. To obtain your free access code to call (800) 329-7324 x1 or email [email protected] For more information on AVCA, check out the AVCA website at