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MLB Draft: Top 10 high school pitching prospects - HIGHSCORE
MLB Draft: Top 10 high school pitching prospects
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With only five rounds in the Major League Baseball Draft this year, much fewer high school players are expected to be chosen in the early rounds compared to previous season, especially pitchers.

That being said, more high school pitchers will be chosen in this year's draft than any other position, with the bulk of those players being right-handed pitchers.

With only two days to go before the 2020 MLB Draft, here's a look at our final installment — pitchers. Previously, we've looked at corner infielders, middle infielders, outfielders and catchers.
Graphic by Ryan Escobar
Nick Bitsko, Central Bucks East (Doylestown, Pa.)
Scouts don't know a whole lot about Bitsko since he reclassified from the Class of 2021 and he didn't take the field during the 2020 spring. Thus he only played two seasons of high school baseball. Nevertheless, scouts don't need to know much when a pitcher is hitting 96 mph on his fastball. Bitsko, at 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, also has the size to add more speed. He also has a solid enough curve and change to be considered the top right-handed prep prospect in the draft. Projection: Top 15 picks.

Jared Kelley, Refugio (Texas)
If not for Bitsko, Kelley would be the top prospect. The National Gatorade Player of the Year, Kelley did not allow a hit in three appearances, including a complete-game no-hitter. Kelley's fastball has hit 99 mph this spring and he also has a change that's considered a plus second pitch. Projection: Top 20 picks.

Mick Abel, Jesuit (Portland, Ore.)
Abel has a 94 mph fastball, but the slider is his premium pitch, which Baseball America ranks as the best in the 2020 draft. The Gatorade State Player of the Year in Oregon had an 18-3 career record with 213 career strikeouts. Projection: End of first round.

Jared Jones, La Mirada (Calif.)
Jones has command of an assortment of pitches and is also a possible everyday player based on his ability on offense. Jones is a possible second-round selection, but his signability is in question, considering he has committed to play at Texas — one of the top baseball programs in the nation. Projection: Second round.

Carson Montgomery, Windermere (Fla.)
Another pitcher who has a mid-90s fastball to go along with a plus change. Montgomery also has a curve in his repertoire making him a solid three-pitch candidate. Projection: Second round.

Justin Lange, Llano (Texas)
Lange is a new name among the top pitching prospects thanks to a spring season in which his fastball hit 99 mph. That type of velocity would normally make Lange a first-round prospect, but with a shortened spring, scouts appear willing to wait until the second round. Projection: Second round.

Nolan McLean, Garner Magnet (Garner, N.C.)
McLean is a two-way prospect after belting nine home runs and batting .373 as a junior to go along with 53 strikeouts in 28 innings pitched. A two-sport athlete, McLean also had 6,809 yards passing as a quarterback. McLean can hit 94 mph on his fastball. Projection: Third round.

Cam Brown, Flower Mound (Texas)
Brown had a very strong summer last year, which pushed him up the ranks of the top pitching prospects in the country. His fastball sits in the mid-90s and he has good command of a curve ball and change-up, however he is likely a third- or fourth-round selection. Projection: Third round.

Alex Santos, Mt. St. Michael Academy (Bronx, N.Y.)
Santos hits about 93 mph on his fastball, but scouts project Santos to add speed to the pitch as he adds strength at the next level. He also has a solid change-up and curve and appears to have plenty of potential. Projection: Fourth round.

Dax Fulton, Mustang (Okla.)
The only left-hander on the list, Fulton has a 96 mph fastball and he is one of the few lefties expected to be drafted during the five-round selection process. Fulton is ranked as a first-round prospect by some mock drafts, but he more than likely falls toward the end. Projection: Fifth round.
High school softball: Career strikeout leaders with 1,500 or more punchouts - HIGHSCORE
High school softball: Career strikeout leaders with 1,500 or more punchouts
When it comes to unbreakable records, Hillary Phillips of Ider (Ala.) and her 2,463 career strikeouts might be the toughest to top. With the 2010 move of the pitching rubber back from 40 feet to 43 feet, strikeouts have been harder to come by, thus making Phillips' total the Mount Everest of high school softball records.

The closest any pitcher has come to threatening Phillips' mark in the past decade is Annie Willis, who finished with 1,975 strikeouts in 2017. However, Willis played six years (same as Phillips) and still comes up nearly 500 strikeouts short. Consider that the highest strikeout total during the 2021 season was 420 strikeouts by Hannah Price of Rogers (Florence, Ala.).

Phillips tops MaxPreps list of high school softball pitchers with over 1,500 career strikeouts. And while Phillips' mark is certainly impressive, Alicia Hollowell's career total might be more so.

A four-year starter at Fairfield (Calif.), Hollowell averaged 582 strikeouts a season. She also averaged 15.7 strikeouts per game during a 131-17 career. Anna Thompson, No. 3 on the career strikeouts list, comes in next with 13.0 strikeouts per game during a 151-27 career.

Michele Granger of Valencia (Placentia, Calif.) was the first pitcher to notch more 1,500 career strikeouts (when not counting fall and spring/summer seasons combined). She finished her career in 1988 with 1,635 strikeouts - which was 511 strikeouts more than previous record holder Samantha Ford of Newhall (Hart), who had 1,124 from 1982-85.

Granger held the record until 1992 when Michelle Martin of Columbus (Columbus Junction, Iowa) finished in 1992 with 1,781 strikeouts over a five-year career. Paige Stamp of Lisbon (Iowa) took over the top spot in 1996 with 1,975 strikeouts and Jen Bice of Woodward-Granger (Iowa) took her place in 1999 with 2,175. Hollowell moved the bar to 2,328 in 2002 and Phillips claimed No. 1 in 2009.

Sources for the list include the National Federation of High Schools Record Book, state association record books, MaxPreps leaderboards, Cal-Hi Sports Record Book by Mark and Nelson Tennis and research with
Rachel Fox, Fort Bend Christian Academy
File photo by Michael Henderson
Rachel Fox, Fort Bend Christian Academy
All-Time high school softball strikeout career leaders

HiIlary Phillips
Career Total: 2,463
School: Ider (Ala.)
Years: 2004-09
Highest Single Season Total: 550 (2006)

Alicia Hollowell
Career Total: 2,328
School: Fairfield (Calif.)
Years: 1999-2002
Highest Single Season Total: 641 (2000), 636 (2001), 559 (2002)

Anna Thompson
Career Total: 2,322
School: Grissom (Huntsville, Ala.)
Years: 2003-06
Highest Single Season Total: 657 (2006), 613 (2004)

Sammy Snygg
Career Total:
School: North Polk (Alleman, Iowa)
Years: 2005-09
Highest Single Season Total: 472 (2009), 451 (2005), 450 (2007), 437 (2008),

Jen Bice
Career Total: 2,175
School: Woodward-Granger (Woodward, Iowa)
Years: 1996-99
Highest Single Season Total: 570 (1997)

Meagan Novotny
Career Total: 2,132
School: Turkey Valley (Jackson Junction, Iowa)
Years: 2004-08
Highest Single Season Total: 506 (2008)

LaTonya Coates
Career Total: 1,999
School: Bangor (Mich.)
Years: 1998-2001
Highest Single Season Total: 553 (1999)

Lauren Seibert
Career Total: 1,979
School: West Morgan (Trinity, Ala.)
Years: 2004-09
Highest Single Season Total: 580 (2008), 576 (2009)

Paige Stamp
Career Total: 1,975
School: Lisbon (Iowa)
Years: 1993-96
Highest Single Season Total: 590 (1996)

Annie Willis
Career Total: 1,975
School: Westminster Christian (Huntsville, Ala.)
Years: 2012-17
Highest Single Season Total: 583 (2016)

Montana Fouts
Career Total: 1,964
School: East Carter (Grayson, Ky.)
Years: 2012-18
Highest Single Season Total: 481 (2018), 479 (2016)

Cara Goodwin
Career Total: 1,929
School: Good Hope (Cullman, Ala.)
Years: 2009-13
Highest Single Season Total: 525 (2012)

Lindsey Fadnek
Career Total: 1,925
School: Coalfield (Tenn.)
Years: 2009-12
Highest Single Season Total: 567 (2012)

Alexis Silkwood
Career Total: 1,907
School: Marquette Catholic (Alton, Ill.)
Years: 2010-13
Highest Single Season Total: 501 (2011), 500 (2012), 463 (2010), 443 (2013)

Rachelle Fico

Career Total: 1,886
School: Masuk (Monroe, Conn.)
Years: 2006-09
Highest Single Season Total: 486 (2007, 2008), 482 (2009), 432 (2006)

Dallas Escobedo
Career Total: 1,882
School: St. Mary's (Phoenix)
Years: 2007-10
Highest Single Season Total: 510 (2010)

Kirsten Allen
Career Total: 1,865
School: Ryle (Union, Ky.)
Years: 2004-08
Highest Single Season Total: 478 (2008, 2006), 451 (2007)

Cara Law
Career Total: 1,843
School: Saks (Anniston, Ala.)
Years: 2005-09
Highest Single Season Total: 512 (2006)

Sarah Sigrest
Career Total: 1,816
School: Daphne (Ala.)
Years: 2004-08
Highest Single Season Total: 622 (2008)

Megan Rhodes
Career Total: 1,807
School: Lipscomb Academy (Nashville, Tenn.)
Years: 2001-04
Highest Single Season Total: 502 (2004)

Michelle Martin
Career Total: 1,781
School: Columbus (Columbus Junction, Iowa)
Years: 1988-92
Highest Single Season Total: 513 (1991)

Stacy Delaney
Career Total: 1,741
School: Freeland (Mich.)
Years: 2002-05
Highest Single Season Total: 558 (2005)

Chelsea Sundberg
Career Total: 1,736
School: Olivet (Mich.)
Years: 2007-10
Highest Single Season Total: 597 (2010)

Holly Currie
Career Total: 1,730
School: Pisgah (Ala.)
Years: 2000-03
Highest Single Season Total: 567 (2002)

Brittany Barnhill
Career Total: 1,715
School: Northwest (Justin, Texas)
Years: 2004-07
Highest Single Season Total: 485 (2007)

Leanna Johnson
Career Total: 1,714
School: Brantley (Ala.)
Years: 2013-18
Highest Single Season Total: 472 (2017)

Andrea Palmer

Career Total: 1,704
School: Waterloo (Ala.)
Years: 2001-2005
Highest Single Season Total: 501 (2005)

Katie Brown
Career Total: 1,688
School: Spirit Lake (Iowa)
Years: 2003-06
Highest Single Season Total: 444 (2006)

Taylor West

Career Total: 1,664
School: Saks (Anniston, Ala.)
Years: 2008-13
Highest Single Season Total: 610 (2013)

Aspen Wesley
Career Total: 1,651
School: Neshoba Central (Philadelphia, Miss.)
Years: 2015-19
Highest Single Season Total: 349 (2017), 335 (2019)

Lindsey Dunlap

Career Total: 1,644
School: Hueytown (Ala.)
Years: 2004-08
Highest Single Season Total: 440 (2008)

Kayla English
Career Total: 1,642
School: Fort Worth Christian (North Richland Hills, Texas)
Years: 2008-11
Highest Single Season Total: 522 (2011)

Erica Strutz
Career Total: 1,637
School: Hartland (Mich.)
Years: 1993-96
Highest Single Season Total: 493 (1996)

Penny Cope
Career Total: 1,637
School: Carlisle (Iowa)
Years: 1994-97
Highest Single Season Total: 505 (1996)

Michele Granger
Career Total: 1,635
School: Valencia (Placentia, Calif.)
Years: 1985-88
Highest Single Season Total: 509 (1987)

Jenna Ignowski
Career Total: 1,625
School: Niles (Mich.)
Years: 2006-09
Highest Single Season Total: 498 (2009)

Kelly Schade
Career Total: 1,619
School: Clarke (Osceola, Iowa)
Years: 1991-95
Highest Single Season Total: 506 (1995)

Katie Bertelsen
Career Total: 1,619
School: Monmouth United (Monmouth, Ill.)
Years: 2008-11
Highest Single Season Total: 477 (2009)

Jordan Ingalls

Career Total: 1,603
School: Bolivar-Richburg (Bolivar, N.Y.)
Years: 2003-08
Highest Single Season Total: 361 (2006)

Samantha Hendrix
Career Total: 1,600
School: Madison Academy (Madison, Ala.)
Years: 2001-06
Highest Single Season Total: 377 (2006)

Meghan Harbuck
Career Total:
School: Baker (Mobile, Ala.)
Years: 2003-07
Highest Single Season Total: 542 (2007)

Rachel Fox
Career Total: 1,585
School: Fort Bend Christian Academy (Sugar Land, Texas)
Years: 2007-10
Highest Single Season Total: 438 (2010)

Anjelica Selden

Career Total: 1,552
School: Vanden (Fairfield, Calif.)
Years: 2001-04
Highest Single Season Total: 536 (2004)

Hilary Mavromat
Career Total: 1,551
School: Scottsboro (Ala.)
Years: 2006-10
Highest Single Season Total: 380 (2007)

Tammy Nielsen
Career Total: 1,548
School: Fremont (Neb.)
Years: 1997-2000
Highest Single Season Total: 463 (2000), 444 (1999)

Chelsea Wallace

Career Total: 1,548
School: Danville (Ky.)
Years: 2003-08
Highest Single Season Total: 404 (2008)

CheyAnne Gaskey
Career Total: 1,545
School: Butler County (Morgantown, Ky.)
Years: 2007-11
Highest Single Season Total: 434 (2010)

Kirsten Shortridge
Career Total: 1,544
School: Keller (Texas)
Years: 2003-06
Highest Single Season Total: 438 (2006)

Katie Layne
Career Total: 1,539
School: Hogan (Vallejo, Calif.)
Years: 1998-2001
Highest Single Season Total: 441 (1999)

Jessie Granger
Career Total: 1,536
School: Troy (Mich.)
Years: 2002-05
Highest Single Season Total: 449 (2005)

Becky Abner
Career Total: 1,533
School: North Laurel (London, Ky.)
Years: 2002-08
Highest Single Season Total: 365 (2000)

Erin Arevalo
Career Total: 1,518
School: East Union (Manteca, Calif.)
Years: 2005-08
Highest Single Season Total: 492 (2008)

Taran Alvelo
Career Total: 1,515
School: Bloom-Carroll (Carroll, Ohio)
Years: 2012-15
Highest Single Season Total: 368 (2012)

Mackenzie Stiles
Career Total: 1,507
School: Deposit (N.Y.)
Years: 2014-19
Highest Single Season Total: 362 (2019)

Lisa Fernandez
Career Total: 1,503
School: Saint Joseph (Lakewood, Calif.)
Years: 1986-89
Highest Single Season Total: 467 (1989)

Kelcie Matesa
Career Total: 1,501
School: Gillespie (Ill.)
Years: 2005-08
Highest Single Season Total: 443 (2005)

Texas high school football: Allen hires former Arkansas coach Chad Morris - HIGHSCORE
Texas high school football: Allen hires former Arkansas coach Chad Morris
Allen (Texas), one of the most prominent high school football programs in the nation, found its next head coach, announcing Wednesday that former Arkansas coach Chad Morris will lead the Eagles. The hire comes two weeks after Terry Gambill announced his retirement following a five-year tenure that saw the Eagles go 65-4 with a 2017 6A Division 1 state title.

"I am honored to join Allen ISD and the Allen Eagles football program," Morris said in a statement. "My roots run deep in Texas high school football, and I am excited for the opportunity to get back to coaching young student-athletes and making an impression on their lives."

Morris was Auburn's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach last year and was the head coach at Arkansas from 2018-19. He was 4-18 as Razorbacks coach. He last coached in Texas from 2015-17 as the head coach at SMU. He went 14-22 in three years with the Mustangs. He also was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for Clemson under Dabo Swinney from 2011-14 and spent a year at Tulsa the year prior.

Before his college coaching career started in 2010, Morris was one of the best high school football coaches in the Lone Star State.

He spent two years at Texas power Lake Travis (Austin) as the head coach from 2008-09 and led the Cavaliers to back-to-back 4A Division 1 state titles going 32-0 in his two years. Garrett Gilbert was his quarterback during the 2008 season when he was named the Gatorade Athlete of the Year after throwing for 4,851 yards and 55 touchdowns.

Morris is 169-38 during his 16 years high school level and also had previous stops at Stephenville (Texas), Bay City (Texas), Elysian Fields (Texas) and Eustace (Texas).

This was one of the most sought-after coaching jobs in the nation. The Eagles have won five state titles since 2008, led by a three-peat with Kyler Murray under center from 2012-14. Allen has the largest enrollment in the state and a $60 million stadium in which they've never lost.

The Texas high school football power has won at least 10 games in 15 consecutive seasons and return a lot of talent next fall led by three-star offensive lineman Neto Umeozulu, junior running back Jaylen Jenkins and 2022 Harvard commit Jackson Newville.
Chad Morris was announced Wednesday as Allen's new football coach. Prior to coaching at the University of Arkansas and other collegiate stops, Morris was Lake Travis' head coach for two seasons.
File photo by Jim Redman
Chad Morris was announced Wednesday as Allen's new football coach. Prior to coaching at the University of Arkansas and other collegiate stops, Morris was Lake Travis' head coach for two seasons.

NFHS names 23 high school Coaches of the Year for 2020 - HIGHSCORE
NFHS names 23 high school Coaches of the Year for 2020
Michael Bowler, Mary Beth Bourgoin and Anne Ellett were three of 23 high school coaches honored Monday for their excellence by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Coaches Association.

Bowler, a lacrosse coach at Rocky Point (N.Y.), was selected in the "other" category for boys sports, and Bourgoin, a field hockey coach at Winslow (Maine), was chosen in the "other" category for girls sports.

Ellett of Centennial (Gresham, Ore.) was the National Coach of the Year Award for spirit. She's been the school's dance coach since 1966 and is one of the longest-tenured coaches in any sport in state history.

The 2020 National Coaches of the Year awards recognize current leaders who coached in the the 2019-20 school year. The NFHS has recognized coaches through an awards program since 1982 and honors the top 10 girls sports and top 10 boys sports (by participation numbers) in addition to three others.

Recipients of this year's national awards for boys sports are:

Ron Murphy, baseball, Rio Rancho (N.M.)
Jerry Petitgoue, basketball, Cuba City (Wis.)
Kevin Ryan, cross country, Bellingham (Wash.)
Gerry Pannoni, football, South County (Lorton, Va.)
Steve Kanner, golf, Hamilton (Chandler, Ariz.)
David Halligan, soccer, Falmouth (Maine)
Douglas Krecklow, swimming and diving, Omaha Westside (Omaha, Neb.)
Robert Palazzo, track and field, Classical (Providence, R.I.)
Douglas Hislop, wrestling, Imbler (Ore.)
Ron Murphy, Rio Rancho baseball
File photo by Jim Smith
Ron Murphy, Rio Rancho baseball
The recipients of the 2020 NFHS national awards for girls sports are:

Michael Rose, swimming and diving, Brookfield East (Brookfield, Wis.)
Willie Smith, track and field, Beachwood (Ohio)
Kevin Bordewick, volleyball, Washburn Rural (Topeka, Kan.)
Donna Moir, basketball, Sacred Heart (Louisville, Ky.)
William Clifton, cross country, Middletown South (Middletown, N.J.)
Tim Carey, lacrosse, Hoover (Fresno, Calif.)
Stephen Estelle, soccer, Gateway Regional (Huntington, Mass.)
Mary Truesdale, softball, Sheldon (Sacramento, Calif.)

The NFHS has a contact in each state responsible for selecting deserving coach award recipients.

This person often works with the state coaches' association in his or her respective state. He or she contacts the potential state award recipients to complete a coach profile form that requests information regarding the coach's record, membership in and affiliation with coaching and other professional organizations, involvement with other school and community activities and programs, and coaching philosophy.

To be approved as an award recipient and considered for sectional and national coach of the year consideration, this profile form must be completed by the coach or designee and then approved by the executive director (or designee) of the state athletic/activities association.

The NFHS Coaches Association has an advisory committee composed of a chair and eight sectional representatives. The sectional committee representatives evaluate the state award recipients from the states in their respective sections and select the best candidates for the sectional award in each sport category.

A total of 707 coaches will be recognized this year with state, sectional and national awards.
MaxPreps/AVCA Players of the Week
MaxPreps/AVCA High School Players of the Week
For the week of Oct. 19-25

6'0" | Freshman | S/RS
12 Sets Played

Assists: 134
Assists/Game: 11.17
Team Hitting%: 0.182
Digs: 18
Digs/Game: 1.5
Aces: 5

5'9" | Senior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 64
Kills/Game: 6.4
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 55
Rcpt/Game: 5.5
Aces: 10

6'1" | Senior | RS/OH
6 Sets Played

Kills: 48
Kills/Game: 8
Digs: 4
Digs/Game: 0.67


6'3"  | Junior | OH/OPP
7 Sets Played

Kills: 41
Kills/Game: 5.86
Digs: 16
Digs/Game: 2.29
Receptions: 23
Rcpt/Game: 3.29
Aces: 6
Blocks: 3

6'4" | Sophomore | RS/OH/MB
4 Sets Played

Kills: 24
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 1.5
Aces: 4
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | S/DS
6 Sets Played

Assists: 72
Assists/Game: 12
Team Hitting%: 0.411
Digs: 8
Digs/Game: 1.33
Aces: 5

5'10" | Senior | MH/OH
5 Sets Played

Kills: 30
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 27
Rcpt/Game: 5.40
Blocks: 4

5'10" | Sophomore | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 73
Kills/Game: 7.3
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 4.2
Receptions: 29
Rcpt/Game: 2.9
Aces: 5
Blocks: 1

6'1" | Sophomore | OPP
7 Sets Played

Kills: 35
Kills/Game: 5
Digs: 15
Digs/Game: 2.14
Receptions: 16
Rcpt/Game: 2.29
Aces: 4
Blocks: 4

5'10" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played

Assists: 105
Assists/Game: 11.67
Team Hitting%: 0.308
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 2.78
Aces: 1
Blocks: 12

Ryle High School (Union, KY), 15 - 6
6'0" | Junior | OH/S
8 Sets Played

Kills: 47
Kills/Game: 5.88
Digs: 19
Digs/Game: 2.38
Receptions: 37
Rcpt/Game: 4.63
Aces: 2
Blocks: 7

5'9" | Senior
14 Sets Played

Kills: 89
Kills/Game: 6.36
Digs: 49
Digs/Game: 3.5
Receptions: 41
Rcpt/Game: 2.93
Aces: 13
Blocks: 2

Junior | MB
6 Sets Played
Kills: 16
Kills/Game: 2.67
Digs: 4
Digs/Game: 0.67
Receptions: 14
Rcpt/Game: 2.33
Aces: 5
Blocks: 3

6'1" | Senior | OH
8 Sets Played

Kills: 35
Kills/Game: 4.38
Digs: 14
Digs/Game: 1.75
Receptions: 21
Rcpt/Game: 2.63
Aces: 16
Blocks: 1

6'0" | Junior | MH
19 Sets Played

Kills: 93
Kills/Game: 4.89
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 0.63
Receptions: 1
Rcpt/Game: 5.3
Aces: 6
Blocks: 18

5'10" | Sophomore | S
6 Sets Played

Assists: 71
Assists/Game: 11.83
Team Hitting%: 0.341
Digs: 14
Digs/Game: 2.33
Aces: 2

5'11" | Junior | OH/RS
7 Sets Played

Kills: 46
Kills/Game: 6.57
Digs: 34
Digs/Game: 4.86
Receptions: 9
Rcpt/Game: 1.29
Blocks: 3

6'1" | Senior
13 Sets Played
Kills: 85
Kills/Game: 6.54
Digs: 50
Digs/Game: 3.85
Receptions: 51
Rcpt/Game: 3.92
Aces: 2
Blocks: 4

5'9" | Senior | S/RS
7 Sets Played

Assists: 64
Assists/Game: 9.14
Team Hitting%: 0.190
Digs: 19
Digs/Game: 2.71
Aces: 5
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played

Assists: 103
Assists/Game: 11.44
Team Hitting%: 0.439
Digs: 24
Digs/Game: 2.67
Aces: 6
Blocks: 5

New Hampshire
Senior | OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 26
Kills/Game: 2.6
Digs: 6
Digs/Game: 0.6
Receptions: 18
Rcpt/Game: 1.8
Aces: 10

North Carolina
5'10" | Senior | S
9 Sets Played
Assists: 78
Assists/Game: 8.67
Team Hitting%: 0.180
Digs: 29
Digs/Game: 3.22
Aces: 5
Blocks: 5

North Dakota
5'9" | Senior | S
4 Sets Played

Kills: 12
Kills/Game: 3
Digs: 7
Digs/Game: 1.75
Aces: 4
Blocks: 1

6'0" | Senior | MH
7 Sets Played

Kills: 42
Kills/Game: 6
Digs: 25
Digs/Game: 3.57
Receptions: 24
Rcpt/Game: 3.43
Aces: 4
Blocks: 5

Freshman | OH
11 Sets Played

Kills: 43
Kills/Game: 3.91
Digs: 12
Digs/Game: 1.09
Receptions: 5
Rcpt/Game: 0.46
Aces: 7
Blocks: 2

6'0" | Senior | S/OH
10 Sets Played

Kills: 67
Kills/Game: 6.7
Digs: 13
Digs/Game: 1.3
Receptions: 11
Rcpt/Game: 1.1
Aces: 6
Blocks: 4

South Carolina
5'11" | Sophomore | OH
8 Sets Played

Kills: 58
Kills/Game: 7.25
Digs: 21
Digs/Game: 2.63
Receptions: 14
Rcpt/Game: 1.75
Aces: 3
Blocks: 3

South Dakota
5'8" | Junior | OH
14 Sets Played

Kills: 91
Kills/Game: 6.5
Digs: 34
Digs/Game: 2.43
Receptions: 10
Rcpt/Game: 0.71
Aces: 11
Blocks: 4

5'8" | Senior | OH
11 Sets Playe
Kills: 48
Kills/Game: 4.36
Digs: 39
Digs/Game: 3.54
Aces: 8
Blocks: 3

5'11" | Senior | OH
12 Sets Played

Kills: 69
Kills/Game: 5.75
Digs: 42
Digs/Game: 3.5
Receptions: 28
Rcpt/Game: 2.33
Aces: 7
Blocks: 3

6'5" | Sophomore | OH/MB
12 Sets Played

Kills: 62
Kills/Game: 5.17
Digs: 11
Digs/Game: 0.92
Receptions: 22
Rcpt/Game: 1.83
Aces: 7
Blocks: 3

5'7" | Junior | OH/DS
4 Sets Played

Kills: 45
Kills/Game: 11.25
Digs: 32
Digs/Game: 8
Aces: 8

West Virginia
5'9" | Sophomore | MH
Kills: 47
Kills/Game: 3.92
Digs: 28
Digs/Game: 2.33
Receptions: 37
Rcpt/Game: 3.08
Aces: 9
Blocks: 12

5'10" | Sophomore | OH
12 Sets Played

Kills: 71
Kills/Game: 5.92
Digs: 40
Digs/Game: 3.33
Receptions: 30
Rcpt/Game: 2.5
Aces: 7
Blocks: 1

5'5" | Senior | S
10 Sets Played

Assists: 85
Assists/Game: 8.5
Team Hitting%: 0.178
Digs: 31
Digs/Game: 3.1
Aces: 1

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The MaxPreps/AVCA High School Player of the Week Program is a partnership between the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) and CBS MaxPreps, Inc. Each week MaxPreps and the AVCA recognize deserving student-athletes at the high school level who have demonstrated outstanding play on the court throughout the week of competition. Coaches must submit statistics to in order for their athletes to be considered for the program. To obtain your free access code to call (800) 329-7324 x1 or email [email protected] For more information on AVCA, check out the AVCA website at